Crown Jewel of the PCT

Enjoy some new photos as I worked my way through the John Muir Trail and Northern California.

25% Complete

After finishing the Southern California section, I start hiking southbound from Oregon in an attempt to avoid the snow.

Here are some recent photos.

Roughing it

Continuing to find Trail Angels along the way...LA style. A little air conditioning never hurt anyone.

Here are some recent videos.

Keep on truckin'

Enjoying the cooler temperature as I make my way through Southern California.

Here are some recent photos since the first 100 miles.

The First 100

Having a great start on the trail. Be sure to check out some photos and videos from the first 100 miles.

You can also see my overall progress on the enlarged ROO tracker.

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My Confession Aug 04, 2010 21:40
by ROO

I have a confession to make. This is anything but an ideal year for a thru hike. Well, at least for me anyways. I commend my fellow PCT hikers that are still in pursuit of Manning Park, British Columbia. In the past 5 weeks, they have endured all day snow traverses, crossed raging swollen rivers, hopped over hundreds of fallen trees and swatted at thousands of mosquito without ever seeing the trail. At times they were up to their wastes in snow trudging through the most scenic part of the Sierra Range. They crossed over dozens of frozen alpine lakes and spent hours looking for a hidden trail....[more]

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